Saturday, January 25, 2014

Solemn Cherub


There is a solemn cherub on the loose
He's a little one soaring high with a goose
Up in the sky he flies so high
And whimpers not when he hears us cry
His job
To shoot us in the heart
It hurts
That's not the scary part

He he pulls back a bow loaded with an arrow
His aim is good and his target is narrow
Be it man or be it woman that this baby hits
He will penetrate the heart straight through the tits
The arrow
Not visible to the eye, but the sensation explodes
Then love
Pours down upon his target in large loads

Love... it can way us down or it can lift us up
But we decide if we will sip from that cup
Like a stealth fighter, Cupid comes and he goes
But whom he strikes next, no one ever knows
A child
So cute with tiny wings
Gets away
With violence as he sings

His violent act is gentle and soft
His action sends our spirit aloft
For moments we float in heaven weightless
Where mansions have gardens that are lush and gateless
Flowers bloom
They are for our picking
Chocolate rose
For our lover's licking

What joy there is to be had with falling in love
What pleasures reside in dancing with the dove
Cupid was correct to awake our sleeping affection
He makes no mistakes and reacts without reflection
Maybe humans
Make their biggest mistakes by thinking
Accept love
So mankind doesn't to start sinking

You can't see this cherub that dances about over our heads
But you'll feel his magic when you get into your beds
Share your love freely and freely you will love
You will then be lifted to dance with your dove
Open up
And your heart will open up you
Don't worry about when
Cupid will give you a clue

Jeoff Horgan

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