Monday, April 7, 2014

The River Wild

The River is Wild

What could it be that causes the river to run wild?

Is it the river or the wildness that consumes the soul?

Is it the rocks that cause the river to tuck and roll?

Is it the flush of the white foam of the waves that crash?

Is it the roll tide off the shore that causes the water to swirl?

Is it pure adrenaline that the roughness creates?

Whatever causes the river to be wild has got a hold on me!

It makes me want to jump into its waters.

It makes me want to swim along its current.

It makes me want to float and let it take me on a journey.

It makes me want to ebb and flow like a mysterious spirit. 
It makes me want to be wild!


Sunday, February 2, 2014

Game Day


Sweat pours down heat soaked faces
Nerves power the charge
Athletes perform to the best of their graces
A heart beats in a body so large
No one is a loser in this sport of collision
A game that shows no mercy
Athletes move with grace and precision
Fans flock to show  their courtesy
There will only be one winner at the end of the game
Balls get kicked and points scored
There will be no losers here by name
Balls are thrown and balls are soared
Whether a fan of the game or not
The world is watching with one eye open
Whether the temp is cold or hot
Fans of each team are clench'in and hope'in
Until the last second on the clock no longer remains
The players will play to be supreme
Athletes will charge as in all games the same
This is a great day for each team
It is game day
The day of the game
It's the day of the game y'all

Sunday, January 26, 2014

Lazy Day


Oh lazy day
Sun blazing down and the dogs are all at play
Oh lazy day
Loving it and I don't want the day to fade away
Oh lazy day
Skipping class and all responsibilities without delay
Oh lazy day

The winds are calm with not a cloud in the sky
Sitting on my porch watching the cars roll on by
Dreaming, thinking, watching and learning
Drinking, eating, stretching and yearning

Slight chill in the air so I roast a fire
I watch the flames grow higher and higher
Dreaming, thinking, watching and learning
Drinking, eating, stretching and yearning

Oh lazy day
Sun blazing down and the dogs are all at play
Oh lazy day
Loving it and I don't want the day to fade away
Oh lazy day
Skipping class and all responsibilities without delay
Oh lazy day...never end

Saturday, January 25, 2014

Solemn Cherub


There is a solemn cherub on the loose
He's a little one soaring high with a goose
Up in the sky he flies so high
And whimpers not when he hears us cry
His job
To shoot us in the heart
It hurts
That's not the scary part

He he pulls back a bow loaded with an arrow
His aim is good and his target is narrow
Be it man or be it woman that this baby hits
He will penetrate the heart straight through the tits
The arrow
Not visible to the eye, but the sensation explodes
Then love
Pours down upon his target in large loads

Love... it can way us down or it can lift us up
But we decide if we will sip from that cup
Like a stealth fighter, Cupid comes and he goes
But whom he strikes next, no one ever knows
A child
So cute with tiny wings
Gets away
With violence as he sings

His violent act is gentle and soft
His action sends our spirit aloft
For moments we float in heaven weightless
Where mansions have gardens that are lush and gateless
Flowers bloom
They are for our picking
Chocolate rose
For our lover's licking

What joy there is to be had with falling in love
What pleasures reside in dancing with the dove
Cupid was correct to awake our sleeping affection
He makes no mistakes and reacts without reflection
Maybe humans
Make their biggest mistakes by thinking
Accept love
So mankind doesn't to start sinking

You can't see this cherub that dances about over our heads
But you'll feel his magic when you get into your beds
Share your love freely and freely you will love
You will then be lifted to dance with your dove
Open up
And your heart will open up you
Don't worry about when
Cupid will give you a clue

Jeoff Horgan

Sunday, January 12, 2014

A Winter Wind Rolls Into Town


Winter winds are blowing fierce on the plains
Their might is strong knocking down cranes
There is no end to their might
As much as you try you may not fight
The winds, how strong they are today
Try not to get blown away

There's a bit of snow on the horizon
Sparkling white and crisp, completely frozen
Its pile while it glistens and grows
As the strong angry wind it blows
This storm, oh how it brews
Don't become the one which it slews

You can see the wind and snow swirling down
Turning corners and through the shutters of this town
Cars, oh how they spin, swerve and skid
People lose their scarves, skirts and lids
A blizzard, flexes its muscle to charm and scare
Don't venture out unless you dare

Stay inside, this storm insists
Keep warm by the fire and write your lists
Drink cocoa and read a good book
Snuggle with your lover and wait for that look
This storm might keep you warm inside
Stay with your love and in their arms you bide

Jeoff Horgan

Friday, January 10, 2014

Bring My Knight Such Bliss


When it rains the sky turns blue
More true than any eagle that flew,
The water ripples in rings and rolls
Like a halo full of silvers and golds.
The life it brings is that of love,
Which carries its blood from above.
I watch the water as it pours down,
And stay put on this wet solid ground.
Afraid not to look like dog that's wet,
But wanting a bone like no other, I bet.
The wetness I feel... is on my skin,
It's warmer than any whole that I've been in.
The rain reminds me of that happy day
That the neighbors were evicted away.
What joy it brought upon my face
To see them walk with such disgrace.
I think and therefore I thought,
The black market had it not..
It makes no sense I must confide,
For this last statement I had not lied.
I wrote this down with good intention,
It ended up not, did I mention?
I'm sure you enjoyed this random text,
I'm sure it is because of good sex.
By now I hope that you are laughing,
Instead of spending a whole day napping.
With great honesty I do not lie,
and demand upon finish a reply.
What more could bring my knight such bliss,
As reading a poem as fine as this.
But as the river has reached it's bend,

As does this poem come to an end.

Jeoff  Horgan