Friday, January 10, 2014

I Dream Alone


I stand before a field of daisies that sway in the wind.
Their white petals reflect the light of the moon,
And this creates a dance of moonbeams across the meadow.
The choreographer is the cloud that sweeps high above me.
He moves the light in delicate patterns over this field of white.
The petals entrance me.
They engulf me.
They hypnotize me into a dream.

I have fallen softly onto the daisies and I feel protected by their beauty.
I have become a part of the light ray ballet and I have taken lead.
My limbs stretch and reach in odd, yet comfortable positions.
The music is the wind and the story is love.
My mind explores the rhythm of the night and it explores me.
The rhythm entrances my mind.
It soothes me.
And pulls me deeper into nirvana.

I find my lover of many colors accompanies me.
His face is warm to the touch and smooth as that of a baby's bottom.
He holds out his hand revealing a rose of yellow with orange tips.
The fragrance of the flower causes a flow of passion to stir within me.
I am burning and inflamed with desire filling  my lips as I search for a kiss.
The kiss controls me.
It calms me.
And wakes me from slumber.

The daisies have transformed themselves into a sheet.
I pull it down to find I am alone and naked on my empty bed.
No lover lies with me, and the ballet never even started.
What a rude dream to have me believing in romantic love.
What rude music to lull me to sleep in hopes of nirvana.
I have awakened alone.
I dream alone.
I am alone.

Jeoff Horgan

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