Sunday, January 12, 2014

A Winter Wind Rolls Into Town


Winter winds are blowing fierce on the plains
Their might is strong knocking down cranes
There is no end to their might
As much as you try you may not fight
The winds, how strong they are today
Try not to get blown away

There's a bit of snow on the horizon
Sparkling white and crisp, completely frozen
Its pile while it glistens and grows
As the strong angry wind it blows
This storm, oh how it brews
Don't become the one which it slews

You can see the wind and snow swirling down
Turning corners and through the shutters of this town
Cars, oh how they spin, swerve and skid
People lose their scarves, skirts and lids
A blizzard, flexes its muscle to charm and scare
Don't venture out unless you dare

Stay inside, this storm insists
Keep warm by the fire and write your lists
Drink cocoa and read a good book
Snuggle with your lover and wait for that look
This storm might keep you warm inside
Stay with your love and in their arms you bide

Jeoff Horgan

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