Friday, January 10, 2014

Bring My Knight Such Bliss


When it rains the sky turns blue
More true than any eagle that flew,
The water ripples in rings and rolls
Like a halo full of silvers and golds.
The life it brings is that of love,
Which carries its blood from above.
I watch the water as it pours down,
And stay put on this wet solid ground.
Afraid not to look like dog that's wet,
But wanting a bone like no other, I bet.
The wetness I feel... is on my skin,
It's warmer than any whole that I've been in.
The rain reminds me of that happy day
That the neighbors were evicted away.
What joy it brought upon my face
To see them walk with such disgrace.
I think and therefore I thought,
The black market had it not..
It makes no sense I must confide,
For this last statement I had not lied.
I wrote this down with good intention,
It ended up not, did I mention?
I'm sure you enjoyed this random text,
I'm sure it is because of good sex.
By now I hope that you are laughing,
Instead of spending a whole day napping.
With great honesty I do not lie,
and demand upon finish a reply.
What more could bring my knight such bliss,
As reading a poem as fine as this.
But as the river has reached it's bend,

As does this poem come to an end.

Jeoff  Horgan

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