Sunday, February 2, 2014

Game Day


Sweat pours down heat soaked faces
Nerves power the charge
Athletes perform to the best of their graces
A heart beats in a body so large
No one is a loser in this sport of collision
A game that shows no mercy
Athletes move with grace and precision
Fans flock to show  their courtesy
There will only be one winner at the end of the game
Balls get kicked and points scored
There will be no losers here by name
Balls are thrown and balls are soared
Whether a fan of the game or not
The world is watching with one eye open
Whether the temp is cold or hot
Fans of each team are clench'in and hope'in
Until the last second on the clock no longer remains
The players will play to be supreme
Athletes will charge as in all games the same
This is a great day for each team
It is game day
The day of the game
It's the day of the game y'all